You might have noticed the cobwebs collecting in the corners around here…. but things have been quiet for a good reason, promise 🙂 We’re excited to announce that we’re expecting baby number two in November! It’s been a rocky few months with all the usual, extreme fatigue and quite persistent morning sickness but I’m happily feeling much better, and hopefully I’ll be back to my usual self in no time.

We headed to one of our favourite parks in an attempt at some new family photos:


My younger brother Dan, was tasked with the goal of taking a photo of the 3 of us… but with a cranky toddler in tow things don’t always turn out as you expect!


Maybe next time 🙂



Remember (a long time ago) when the sun felt warm on your face and you walked around with bare legs? Yeah… me too, barely. It’s the second day of spring and a mini blizzard is trying it’s absolute best to get me down but I won’t let it. Instead I’m going to focus on these lovely and bright images from a beautiful wedding I had the pleasure of photographing alongside Dave of Dave and Charlotte.

I spent some time with Corey and his groomsmen before the ceremony:


The guys got ready at Hotel Le Germain in Toronto. It was a relaxed morning filled with the usual, drinks, cigars and endless jokes.







And then it was time to see his beautiful bride.


Corey and Renee chose to do a “first look” before the ceremony and it was the perfect time to capture a few intimate portraits.



I just love this! “Give a wave of good wishes to the new Mr. and Mrs.” The perfect way for your guests to cheer your walk up the aisle as husband and wife:




Steam Whistle Brewery was beautifully decorated and every little detail was just perfect.








Wedding days are filled with beauty and emotions, happy tears and so much joy it’s palpable. Behind the scenes things can get crazy and it takes a team of  dedicated professionals to seamlessly pull off the perfect event.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the industry’s best and are incredibly happy to introduce you to Connie, the creative genius behind the decadent desserts pictured below:


I don’t know how she does it but she consistently creates some of the most beautiful {and delicious} cookies, cakes and cupcakes we’ve ever seen.

This is what you will see as you step into her Yorkville Design and Devour studio:


I’d love to show you more but you’ll have to wait until May… for more photos & gorgeous sweets pick up a copy of Wedding Essential’s Spring edition and turn to the “Edible Arts” feature.

I’ll leave you with a few thoughts from Connie, if you’d like to know more or to book a consultation be sure to stop by her website or get in touch on FB.

What Inspires Your Cake Designer:

YOU!It is all about YOU after all! Most brides choose their cake designer because they love their visual style, and that’s crucial. Most great designers have a signature look. But your cake truly needs to reflect you, your fiancĂ© and the atmosphere you want your wedding to exude. Take the time to meet face to face with your designer. Bring your fiancĂ©, your mom or your best friend but not all three. Cake design is an intricate process and you’ll want your full attention on the details of your appointment. Once you have established a rapport with your designer, he/she will be better able to suggest what suits your personality. Age, nationality even the way you and your fiancĂ© met can have a strong influence on your cake style.

Your Dress, Your Shoes
When brides want to book a consultation with me, I really want to see their dress and yes… their shoes! Brides agonize over these two choices and the look tells me a lot about who she wants to be on her wedding day. Chic and sophisticated? Soft and playful? Traditional and conservative? You can imagine how different each cake would be… Details from the dress are a really personal way to infuse yourself into the cake design.

Your Venue
Its true, if you’re getting married outdoors in the glory of a vineyard, or having a ritzy reception at the ROM, you won’t want the same cake. Like the dress, the location has sway over your nuptial dessert. Make sure your designer knows where the cake will be setup, only a professional will know what precautions to take when it comes to weather, temperature or fragility. A good designer will know how to seamlessly integrate the design of your cake with the venue. No cake deserves to stick out like a sore thumb, venue details matter!

Your Flowers
In the age of sugar paste flowers, most brides will want a bloom or two (or more!) on their cake. Sugar flowers are a stunning addition and bring a cohesion to the room if they reflect the florals chosen in your decor. Sugar flowers can be delicate, bold or graphic. Nothing needs to be realistic anymore! You can opt for flowers made of lace or orchids penned with the words of a love poem.

Your colors…Your invitations
Your colors are a perfect element to inspire a cake. I’m in love with whites or tone on tone cakes ramped up with metallics, but I remember working on a bold purple and orange cake that thrilled me. Think of your color choices – if you have a third color you’re using for accents only, sometimes it’s great to pump more of it into the cake so it really stands out. Monograms, typeface, stationary stock and invitation imagery are great sources of inspiration for the cake. Bring it all in!

How many people do you need to serve? The standard wedding cake should feed 60% of your guests so start your budget based on that many servings. Intricate design details will affect the price so if you need a wow-factor cake that’s a bit out of budget, scale it down and order a slab cake for the kitchen. When it’s served it all looks the same but you’ve invested your budget where it has the most visual impact while still ensuring everyone gets their fair share.

If you find you can’t…that’s a major red flag. Find another cake artist. But if you do establish a connection with a designer who does amazing work, trust them to make executive decisions with your design. My very best work always happens when the bride trusts my judgement. The result is the best wedding cake I can make, let your designer color outside the lines a bit. Passion never comes from connecting the dots.



p.s. We also had the pleasure of photographing her grand opening party, and the images were picked up by WedLuxe, you can see the feature here!

Sisters, even better, twins:


She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark… – Barbara Alpert

I don’t have a sister, but if I did I would hope that our relationship would be as close and warm as Alena’s & Olga’s. I can’t count the number of times the joy in Olga’s heart spilled over into tears for her sister.



p.s. Full wedding will be up on the gallery soon! Stay tuned.

So the current issue of Today’s Bride is particularly exciting for us… and although it’s only one photo, and although it’s on the smaller side we couldn’t be happier that Lindsey + Christophe have been featured in the “Real Weddings” section!

Todays Bride Geminie Photography Published Lindsey Christophe

Lindsey Thomsen and Christophe Measson were married at Le Select Bistro in Toronto before 50 guests. The groom, a pastry chef, is from France, so they couldn’t resist emphasizing the French theme. An entire team brought the theme together with flowers by Stemz, makeup by Jennifer Gibeau, a Nanette Lepore dress from Holt Renfrew and suit by Strellson. Photography by Cristina and Laszlo Alt of Geminie Photography.

I realized I need to really put our work out there, even though editors may say no, even though rejection stings, I know our couples, their stories and their images are worth the risk.

Geminie Photograhy Le Select Toronto Wedding Photos