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We photograph love in all it’s forms, and with each couple we meet, each story we tell, we grow and discover something new about this beautiful condition. We’re happiest when we’re together, and still give each other butterflies. We’re inspired by you, your love for your partner, and the way you are together.

We’ve worked together almost as long as we’ve been together (16 years this past August!) and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have two wonderfully wild little girls (Amina Paprika and Heidi Adelise).

We haven’t always been photographers, but we both come from creative backgrounds. We love beautiful type and design in all its forms and of course covet all things Apple.

This clip gives us the chills and makes us feel so incredibly and wonderfully connected to everyone and everything around us.

We love the country life but can’t imagine leaving the city. We were both born in Europe and wish we still had our accents. We believe that a photograph is so much more than a piece of paper or pixels on a screen. It’s a memory, a time keeper, a window back, reminding you of who you were and what you felt at a beautiful time in your life. We forgo the handshakes and take pleasure in the hugs.

We love what we do, and can’t imagine ever not seeing the world through the viewfinder.

Cristina & Laszlo

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Thanks to our dear friend Catherine {De La Petit Photography} for the beautiful photos of our little family!