The Spice Turns 2!

Our baby girl, who day by day surprises us, and seems less and less of a baby turned 2 on April 19th. We spent the day together, just the 3 of us, visiting parks, and doing what she loves. Watching animals and birds. We stopped by the Arboretum  at RBG and can’t wait to go back again when the Lilacs will be blooming. This would be a beautiful location for an engagement session 🙂

She loves to wear dresses and all things girly, but would never turn down a little tree climbing adventure.

If you’ve ever met + hugged her you’ll know what this feels like:

She’s a fierce hugger, she’ll squeeze you as hard as she possibly can and won’t leg go right away. She gives the best hugs in the world and it’s one of my favourite things about her. They’re often accompanied by little grunts and sounds of clenched teeth. It’s the only way she knows how to hug. She’s intense and we wouldn’t have her any other way.

We kept walking and discovered some beautiful Magnolia trees. Their branches hung low to  the ground and made a perfect little hideaway that she loved exploring.

After a picnic and a little nap we headed to our favourite park for cherry blossoms + baby duck watching, Kariya Park in Mississauga. I think we were too early for the baby ducks, we didn’t’ see any at all but the cherry blossoms were beautiful.

I feel much more comfortable behind the camera… but I will let Laszlo take a few photos of me on occasion, I love this one of Amina and I. I think it may be my new favourite one of the two of us 🙂

No ducklings yet, but we did see lots of turtles!

It was a beautiful and quiet day filled with hugs, and walks and time to reflect on how incredibly lucky we both are to have her in our lives. Happy Birthday Miss Amina Paprika! We love you endlessly! xox

Mama + Daddy