Alex & Alena {Married!} – Gracewood / Kurtz Orchards

It was a perfect day; warm, bright and filled with laughter, endless jokes and the sound of champagne glasses clinking. The Gracewood complex at Kurtz ORchards was the beautiful backdrop to Alex and Alena’s wedding.

We were the first to arrive and took some time to explore the grounds and the 200 year old house on the property. I was immediately filled with a sense of comfort and nostalgia, walking through the orchards brought back memories of my grandparent’s farm at the base of the Romanian Alps.

Some of our favs from this intimate wedding:

The courtyard, complete with an outdoor bar, and tables set up (behind me) with jams and jellies and other goodies from the Kurtz Orchards.

Alex in the outdoor alcove created by these gorgeous trees:

We felt like we were a million miles away from Toronto, walking around and taking in all the beauty around us:

Alena and her twin sister Olga:

So much excitement and anticipation!

Her something blue:

Alena you looked stunning in your dress!

I love the moments that almost take your breath away, like the moment her mother saw her all dressed up:

Laszlo was outside hanging out with the guys:

First kiss as husband and wife!

There’s so many more images I want to include, but I’ll leave you with this last one and save the rest for another post…

Alex and Alena, and everyone at Gracewood, thank you for having us, we enjoyed ourselves immensely and felt like a part of the family 🙂