Ocho Rios, Jamaica – Destination Wedding

Earlier this year, we happily packed up our gear, baby girl, and enough sunscreen to shield the population of a small town, and headed to sunny Jamaica for Seanette and Jerome’s destination wedding in Ocho Rios.

The was our third time at Prospect Villas and it was like coming back to family!

The morning of the wedding was relaxed with the majority of the group enjoying the sun + beach.

The grounds at the main villa (Frankfort) are beautiful:

Jerome enjoyed some outdoor pampering by his brother John (who along with his wife Christine we had the pleasure of photographing on our first trip to Jamaica)

Seanette spent the morning getting ready in the master bedroom at Frankfort and was visited by all the kiddos throughout the day. (When they could tear themselves away from the beach that is!)

They decided on a first look before the ceremony, and we love it when our couples choose this option! It’s the perfect time to connect before the ceremony and capture some beautiful intimate portraits of just the two of you.

You both looked amazing, and so incredibly happy!

A few more favourites:

The ceremony site overlooking the ocean was perfect, and friends and family were eagerly awaiting the bride and groom.

Exchanging vows:

Their eldest daughter performed a beautiful dance piece right after the first kiss. Shana, it was a pleasure to watch you dance!

Congratulations Seanette & Jerome!!

Time to party!

Thank you to everyone for making us feel like a part of the family, we had an amazing time with you all… and can’t wait to go back again!

p.s. This is how our mini-casper spent the majority of the vacation:



  • Anita

    Congrats to the beautiful couple. Pictures turned out amazing!!!

    • Cristina

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment Anita!

  • Andrea


    The wedding looked beautiful. I would like to get connected with the bride to ask how did they arrange everything at Prospect. I would loove to have my wedding there.

    • cristina

      Hi Andrea! Thank you so much for your comment, I’ve emailed Seanette and asked her to stop by here and leave some tips for you. We’ve photographed 3 weddings at the Prospect villas and they were all beautiful, it’s an amazing location!

  • Andrea Newland

    Thanks for the reply. I looking forward to hearing from her. I am stuck on deciding between resorts but I keep coming back to this one. It seems beautiful. Have you been to the church? It seems so rustic and picturesque.

    • cristina

      Hi Andrea, we haven’t been to the church, but it does look beautiful! Out of the 3 weddings we photographed there only one was on the property (Seanette + Jerome’s on the grounds of Frankfort Villa). This might help you, Prospect Villas is not a resort. You, your fiancé and friends and family would be the only ones on the property for the duration of your stay. Each villa has their own full staff (cook, butler, maids, security, landscape etc) You get to customize your experience as you see fit, from activities to the menu, to special group outings everything is tailored to your group. Everyone is incredibly warm and friendly and they really do make you feel like family.

      I think the fact that there are no other strangers/guests vacationing while you’re there makes it a truly unique and special experience for everyone that’s there with you two. The villas are beautiful and homey and they’ve recently had some renovations which is a bonus.

      You can’t go wrong with choosing to have your wedding there :)